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- CBD Pheonix Tears - 


120$ / 1x Serynge

200$ / 2x Serynges

Product Details

Ingredients & Contents: 

- 650mg / Full Spectrum Premium CBD Oil

- Each syringe contains 1 gram 

* fka RSO (Risk Simpson Oil)

Pain Relief - Anxiety, Sore joints, Bone pain, Arthritis, spasms

Seizures, Insomnia and lots more common aches and pains.

Benefits - Enhances both focus and concentration, relaxation or energy coordination. 

Possibility to slow down cancer cells and reduce high blood pressure.  

- Psilocybin Micro-Dose -


70$ / 7 grams / 35 caps (Quarter Oz) 

120$ / 14 grams / 70 caps (Half Oz) 

220$ / 28 grams / 140 caps (Full Oz)  

Product Details

Ingredients: Organically Grown Mushies 

Dosage: 0.2g/cap


  • Golden Teachers x B+ 
  • Penis Envy x Avery Albino

- THC Micro-dose -



Product Details

Source: Afria

Dosage: TBD

Ingredients: THC (10:0)

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