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FAQs & Blog

FAQ 1 - Strain Types

The belief that indicas and sativas deliver distinct effects is so deeply rooted in mainstream cannabis culture that we can now typically choose the right strain for you by asking you which of these three types you prefer.

  • Sativa products usually come with a cerebral feeling. Traditionally, sativa strains are more uplifting and euphoric and are recommended for daytime use.
  • Hybrids are a crossbreed between an indica and a sativa plant. Within this subset there can be indica dominant, and sativa dominant strains. There are also hybrid strains that are a relatively even indica/sativa split.
  • Indica based strains are more relaxing. An indica strain will usually be associated with more bodily sensations. Therefore these strains are often recommended for nighttime use.

FAQ 2 - (CBD) Cannabinoid

CBD is a non-intoxicating component potentially beneficial to a variety of conditions including anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Also famously known for treating rare forms of childhood epilepsy, arthritis, seizures, muscle and bone, swollen scars such as skin allergies and lots more common aches and pains.

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