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*More New Flowers

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- RSO Gummies (30mg) -


10$ / 3x

20$ / 6x

60$ / 20x  

120$ / 50x

Product Details


  • Natural sugars
  • Organic Canadian Honey
  • Rick Simpson oil concentrate (a.k.a RSO)

Dosage: 30mg per unit (Full Spectrum CBD/THC)

Flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Grape,

FunBerry Blue, Swedish Berry & Lemon Lime

- THC Distillate (1000mg) -


30$ / 1 gram / 1000mg

Product Details

Refined THC to its purest form.  

Incentives - Quitting or moderating smoking 

                   - Odorless and clean

                   -Edible and smokable

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